Office of the Vice President for Information & Technology Management
J.S. Clark Admin Bldg. 4th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70813
Phone: 225-771-5150
Fax: 225-771-2807

Information and Technology Management is a Division of the Southern University System Office and whose missionis: to support and promote the educational, research, service, and management functions of the SU System and constituent institutions in the broad areas of technology and information management.

OITM provides leadership and direction in the advancement of technology services for the System. We will maximize the effectiveness of out role by constantly seeking innovative ideas that foster productivity and success.

To achieve this mission, we will:

  • Provide technology support services to the System administration and all 5 campuses;
  • Develop and enhance the ERP initiative by participating in the planning, design, implementation, and delivery of services;
  • Provide a reliable infrastructure that is scalable, robust and efficient;
  • Promote innovative uses of IT resources;
  • Enhance the System's web presence;
  • Improve support services;
  • Develop partnerships throughout the System community and beyond.

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